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posted by: Paul on 5/16/2018

Please pray for supernatural healing in my body. That God would heal me of breathing issues, joint issues and mental illness. Also pray that God would give me creative wisdom and strength in my profession (music) in Jesus name!
I will pray  
Prayers for healing, joy, a miracle, protection, and good news for josh and his family
posted by: Angela lukavsky on 5/5/2018

Josh is fighting brain cancer. He is 35 years old and is a husband and has four small children.
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posted by: Jennifer on 4/20/2018

Family saved Holy Ghost filled. Wisdom discernment forgiveness protection peace. Grace favor with Christ know walk in truth. Debt cancellation power to get wealth be good stewards over our money. Our hearts blame less before God. Sensitive to the Holy Spirit. My marriage blessed children self sufficient law abiding citizens who love Christ. Marie good driving. We get settled in our new house and get it paid for soon!! We will be a light blessing to all we meet. Closer walk with Christ. The blessing of Abraham on me and my family future generations. Supernatural over wheming experience with Christ. Power Holy Ghost Fire 🔥 in our lives. Be safe n good health.
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Marriage Restoration - Extremely Urgent !
posted by: Stephen Harris on 4/15/2018

Please pray that my wife and I will be healed and restored emotionally and spiritually and for the healing and restoration of our marriage. I need a miracle. Please pray that God will change her heart and change her mind about this. My wife is a very bitter and hurt person. Please pray that God will do miraculous, supernatural, work in her heart.
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posted by: Paul on 4/15/2018

Been battling lust. Please pray that Christ and His Word would become more appealing to me and that I could see lust for what it is (in times where it seems good) and find complete freedom. Also pray that God would help me in my work as I battle depression (and that He would completely heal me). Lastly pray that I wouldn't be restless but full of God's peace.
I will pray 3 people are praying.
Healing from Depression
posted by: Seth McAdams on 3/26/2018

Please pray that God will heal me from depression. When I think about the last half year, I think I’ve been dealing with some depression. I find I’m very slow at getting things done, I feel fatigued, and I feel pain in my spirit. It is hard to concentrate, and It’s hard to have vision for the future. Please pray for complete healing from this. Whatever the spiritual or psychological reasons, please pray for complete healing and deliverance. Also, if there are any physical reasons for this, please pray for complete healing. Pray for complete healing of my mind. Pray that the Lord will pour the joy of the Holy Spirit into my life. Pray for love in my life, and healing relationships. Thanks for your prayers.
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Same Rent
posted by: Barbara on 3/22/2018

I ask that the Lord prevents Miguel Angel from raising my rent but also that the Lord would deal with his recent greed, stubbornness & selfishness & with his alcoholism. I ask God to fill this building with mature, praying believers at least until December. And save him. Thank you.
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Marriage Reconciliation
posted by: Danielle Y. on 3/15/2018

My husband has filed for divorce. He agreed to try marriage counseling one last time while we live in separate homes. His heart is closed off to me and he has not committed to anything more than one session. Please pray for God to soften his heart to me. Pray for favor in our therapy sessions that we will get to the root of our problems and heal the years of wounds and resentment that have poisoned our marriage. Pray for the therapist's wisdom to help us. For divine intervention to completely restore our marriage long term. That will will not fall back into old habits and that our love will shine.
I will pray 3 people are praying.
Marital healing and reconciliation
posted by: Danielle on 3/5/2018

My husband has left me. I love him so much and my heart is broken. He is severely depressed and not thinking clearly. He quit taking his medication and he stopped going to therapy. He has been emotionally abusive during his periods of extreme anger. He blames me for all of his problems and sadness. He thinks that all of the problems in the relationship are my fault. His illness won't let him see the things I have tried to do to show him that I love him. Please pray for our reconciliation. That he will decide to do his part and work on himself as I work on myself. That he will seek treatment for his depression. That our marriage will survive and be happy.
I will pray 3 people are praying.
Healing For Son
posted by: Esther on 2/5/2018

Please pray for my son Preston 34, for his complete healing of high cholesterol in the Name of Jesus. I thank Him for it. Thank you.
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