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pls pray for my grandmother
posted by: Jefferson on 10/17/2019

hi i am jefferson from the philippines may i ask for prayers for my grandmother pls? her name is maria we call her mama maria she's close to us pls pray for her recovery she's suffering from diabetes her hands and feet are very swollen because of diabetes there are a lot of water in her body including her lungs some water are extracted already but they said there is infection in her lungs doctor also said there is something wrong with her heart she is on the hospital she's on oxygen pls pray for God's miraculous healing power over her in Jesus name that she will recover and go back to normal in Jesus name i pray pls pray for her salvation too pls pray for God's mercy and healing over her in Jesus name please thanks pray for comfort and strength for my family as this is very hard for us my grandpa also is facing something somebody filed a case against him accusing him of thievery stealing coconut in somebody's property he's old he can't do that basically they just want my grandparents property pls pray for them and for us thanks..
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posted by: Jess on 10/12/2019

I was diagnosed with a couple disorders and would like Prayer for complete healing of these disorders. I’d also like prayer for my relationship with the Lord that he’d heal me and my mind and anything I’m struggling with. I’d like prayer god would bring my ex boyfriend back into my life and that he would be here for me right now. And that id sense the Lord in my life and that god would save me and my ex boyfriend we are not saved. I’m also having breathing and heart problems health issues and would like prayer for complete healing of these issues I’ve fasted today for all this please put me on your prayer chain my names Jess
I will pray  
God to help
posted by: on 10/7/2019

Pray God will help a couple with marital difficulties, work related problems, health problems and unruly, rebellious children, that God will bring help to them in all of these things and in all things not written here. They need instant miracles and their kids need Divine intervention in their lives. Additionally, pray also for a group of people in need of help in many ways that God will help them Spiritually above all and also in everything else too
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Prayer request for daughter Gloria
posted by: Thomas Kissa on 10/7/2019

PRAYER REQUEST :Christian friends , please pray for my daughter, Gloria,16 years old..she left the house this morning after being upset with her aunty and two cousins . WCe dont know where she is at the moment..also at this hour while I was worrying about her, my wife, her step mother came in and start getting angry with me for something and started getting cross for nothing . She was packing her clothes in her bag to go to her village in another province. Whatever the reasons why she is getting angry for, i dont know..i asked her but she doesn't want to hear me.. Please pray for me as I am in double problems at this moment, Thomas Kissa Papua New Guinea Whatshapp number +67578322189
I will pray  
posted by: Dee Dee on 10/3/2019

Can you pray for Khadijah Harden that God will save her and that she will find a church home to get into the words of God. Pray that God will open up her spiritual eyes and give her a heart after Jesus Christ.
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prayer request
posted by: li cross on 9/28/2019

Prayer request : please keep my family members because my father was passed away, besides, please help me not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel, pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, A-men.
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posted by: brendan barnard on 9/2/2019

Please pray for me and my family against all demonic bondages, influences and deceptions. God's Presence and Fire is very welcome.
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Breakthrough Needed
posted by: Adam Bradford on 9/1/2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Please pray for me that our LORD will have favor on me and give me a really good job. I had to leave my previous job and am in debt and I don't have medical insurance, so I need a breakthrough. Thank you all for praying for me. In His Love, Adam
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Need miracle
posted by: Kamil Szejnik on 9/1/2019

Pray for me, for my body and soul.Amen
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please intercede in prayer for us
posted by: landry family on 8/23/2019

Please please pray for the Landry Family- Catherine and her son Elijah David (10 mths old). Please stand with us as we are asking for Gods Mercy , truth, and his Favor. We are believing for a miracle. Please pass this on to anyone who will stand with us in prayer. Landry Family
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