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posted by: Sarah on 11/13/2019

I feel bad about myself in the presence of vain people. I need help with my self confidence. I also desire to understand vain people and distinguish what makes them different than people with healthy self esteem and self love.
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posted by: Henry on 11/7/2019

I lost my job please pray I find new work. My car is on its last legs please pray for it or that I can find an affordable new one and not get ripped off. I'm a single father and don't want to lose everything.
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For Employment
posted by: Seth on 11/4/2019

I recently graduated from Multnomah University with a Business and Bible/Theology degree. I’m landscaping, but I need to move on. I’m thinking of hiring a career coach to help me change my mindset and formulate a clear plan. I need to get into the right career job, one that pays a living wage, where I could move into my own place, get married, and build a life. Pray for wisdom, guidance and clarity from the Lord in getting into the right job. Pray for guidance on whether I should move to a different city, or stay in Bend. Also, pray for financial provision during this transition. I want my life to be lived for the glory of the Lord. Thanks.
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Father protect my daughter
posted by: on 11/4/2019

Heavenly father forgive all our (me-husband-daughter) sins. Have mercy-grace on my daughter. Touch-heal her completely. Shower YOUR blessings of wisdom-knowledge-good health-protection-peace on her. Help her in study-exam. Provide all her needs. Protect her from all evil-illness-infection. Protect me from all evil-illness. Destroy all evil plans. Provide us good job. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING. IJN Amen
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General Requests.
posted by: William Haun on 11/3/2019

Please pray for unspoken requests, concerns, and needs. Pray that a devotional will be applied to my life. Some things aren't working. Pray that I'd be ready for persecution, for the right girl, healing & difficulty concerns, for friendship concerns, grave future concerns, provision, finances, and for functionality concerns. Thanks.
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posted by: Jess on 11/1/2019

I’ve been really depressed and am having heart and breathing issues. I’d like prayer god would heal me. And I’d also like prayer god would work out everything else in my life that’s bothering me right now my names Jess please put me on your prayer chain. I’d also like prayer for me and my boyfriends relationship
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posted by: Kay Tanner on 10/29/2019

Please pray for my brother and his wife. Both need a healing miracle. God is able! Thank you! Blessings!
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pls pray for my grandmother
posted by: Jefferson on 10/17/2019

hi i am jefferson from the philippines may i ask for prayers for my grandmother pls? her name is maria we call her mama maria she's close to us pls pray for her recovery she's suffering from diabetes her hands and feet are very swollen because of diabetes there are a lot of water in her body including her lungs some water are extracted already but they said there is infection in her lungs doctor also said there is something wrong with her heart she is on the hospital she's on oxygen pls pray for God's miraculous healing power over her in Jesus name that she will recover and go back to normal in Jesus name i pray pls pray for her salvation too pls pray for God's mercy and healing over her in Jesus name please thanks pray for comfort and strength for my family as this is very hard for us my grandpa also is facing something somebody filed a case against him accusing him of thievery stealing coconut in somebody's property he's old he can't do that basically they just want my grandparents property pls pray for them and for us thanks..
I will pray  
posted by: Jess on 10/12/2019

I was diagnosed with a couple disorders and would like Prayer for complete healing of these disorders. I’d also like prayer for my relationship with the Lord that he’d heal me and my mind and anything I’m struggling with. I’d like prayer god would bring my ex boyfriend back into my life and that he would be here for me right now. And that id sense the Lord in my life and that god would save me and my ex boyfriend we are not saved. I’m also having breathing and heart problems health issues and would like prayer for complete healing of these issues I’ve fasted today for all this please put me on your prayer chain my names Jess
I will pray  
God to help
posted by: on 10/7/2019

Pray God will help a couple with marital difficulties, work related problems, health problems and unruly, rebellious children, that God will bring help to them in all of these things and in all things not written here. They need instant miracles and their kids need Divine intervention in their lives. Additionally, pray also for a group of people in need of help in many ways that God will help them Spiritually above all and also in everything else too
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